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Millennium Walls, Inc. is a distributor and certified installer of Insulated Concrete Forms- Insulated Concrete Wall Systems. We have completed over 200 residential and commercial jobs throughout the southeast since 1998.

 What are Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)?

ICFs are forms for poured concrete walls. ICFs are made of expanded polystyrene (EPS). The forms are made up of two panels that stay in place and act as insulation on both the inside and outside of the wall. The ties within the forms act as furring, so interior and exterior finishes can be applied directly to the form.

 Why choose Insulated Concrete Forms-ICF?

Concrete walls built with ICF are energy efficient, resistant to natural disasters, solid, and durable. The use of ICF is growing rapidly in the United States. This building material offers a superior alternative to wood frame construction.

 How does the home owner benefit from Insulated Concrete Forms?

-         Energy Efficiency & Comfort – ICF walls maintain a consistent temperature inside your home. The superior insulation, air tightness, and thermal mass of the walls cut the energy need for heating and cooling by 40% - 50%.

-         Solid & Safe – ICF homes survive high-force winds far better than wood homes. When properly reinforced with rebar, ICF meets or exceeds all building codes.

-         Quiet– The insulation and concrete provide a barrier for sound that dramatically cuts outside noise.

-         Design Flexibility – ICF homes can by completed with any interior and exterior finishes. We are able to construct any style home, including those with bay windows and radius walls.

-         Value – You have added resale value with ICF construction. Some insurance companies also discount your premium.

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